Disaster Addons Pack

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Reckon soul gaming presents you another addon for Minecraft, “Disaster Addons Pack”. We have 6 types of disaster addons such as lava Disaster, Flood, Winter is Coming, Black out, Sand Storm, Burn them Out. Only way to survive is going up only. 

In this addon, you have only 3 minutes to collect the resource after that Disaster starts. Every 7 seconds disaster starts rising from ground to upper end. You have to survive as long as possible. Also you can play in multiplayer with friends. Find the way to Stay away from disaster.

How to Install


Lava Disaster

Sand Storm Disaster

Winter Disaster

Flood Disaster

Burn Them Out Disaster

Black Out Disaster

Disaster Pack High End Devices

Disaster Pack Low End Devices

Disaster Pack Mid End Devices

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