Every Mob is Giant

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Interested in an unusual game of Minecraft?, here you go “Every Mob is Giant” will quench your thirst, it is already clear with the title that in this map every mob is giant, be it spider, skeleton, witch, creeper or even cow, sheep etc.  This map will provide you with a different experience of Minecraft never experienced before.

“Every Mob is Giant” is a addon that makes all mobs as a Giant. This make your Minecraft world lots interesting and funnier than usual. Notice this that everyone except you are giant in this map, so it will give a different experience of playing Minecraft, this mode is multiplayer supported so you can play it with your friends. This is the first version of this addon. More update will coming soon as new features

How to Install


Every Mob is Giant v2 mcaddon

Every Mob is Giant v2 With Player mcaddon

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