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So what’s in Reckon soul SMP. Well it is survival server. where you play with other player… Also have some best Spots like Parkour, A castle from Soul Survival World. Stonehenge and many things to. also we are going to start competition like War Arena, PVP, Maze Survival and Parkours…

Now the Server is in 1.18.0 but we going to update it soon to latest stable one…. Join Now..

If you want to download are addon Visit on:

And for Exclusive addons and Map without ads or Donate Us visit on our Patreon:

Watch the video for more Details add Read All the rules.. below


  1. No Griefing
  2. No Spamming
  3. No Racism
  4. NO Offensive Language
  5. No Hacking tools or Tool Box of any kind
  6. No stealing

How you can join? The server is whitelisted. So can contact me on… 





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