Reckon Survival World

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Are you looking for the best seed or map for your survival game. if that so this is for you. You get a big mansion with swimming pool, kitchen, hall and bedroom and roof top and tree house as the starting point. Also the , Villages . There are lots of things that you can see in the survival world like rare Terracotta Biomes, villages, a mine and more. Come and explore the wonders of the Reckon Survival World

Reckon Survival World is better Survival map. This survival map for Minecraft PE and Bedrock has many new things to explore. You Get a Big Mansion to start the survival and a Tree house.. You Get a Big Mansion to start the survival and a Tree house. Rare Terracotta Biomes near spawn points. Mansion have the Best interior contains kitchen, hall, bedroom, swimming pool and roof Top. There also have village near from Mansion. But there is something missing that is food and other things to survive. This world looks easy but try to think when a creeper spawn on your mansion or near you. You know the result. That’s make it more interesting. By the way you can disable the Mob Griefing option so creeper or other mob not explodes your mansion.  So enjoy!

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Reckon Survival World v1

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