The Reckon Maze Saga

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This is all New The Reckon Maze Saga. Where you fight for Your Life. The Goal is to Escape from the Maze and reach the end of the MAZE, You have to free your soul from Evil Spirits but this will not be so easy to do as there will be many encounters with mobs and Bosses, you will need to fight them, defeat them to be free.

“The Reckon Maze Saga” This is not just a normal maze but having mobs in it and they will try to hurt you in everyway possible way, be careful because the only way to clear the maze is by eliminating these mobs out of your way. Its a multiplayer games so you can play with 4 players at a time. Your mission is to find the end of the maze in the survival mode. Clear the Maze through eliminating Mobs…

Story Checks: You are Stuck in Maze. Maze is like the illusion of your life. Your soul is captured by the Evil Spirits. To be free you have to fight with 3 Evil Spirits Boss. To do that You have to find 3 Redstone Blocks in maze. Redstone Blocks are works as Gateway. When you completed the maze. The Good Spirits try to helps you, They Provide you the Sacred place where there is no danger. But You are not free. There is A Evil Chamber when you ready to fight for your soul. You can go and fight them. All Evil Bosses have their own Powers and Magics. After you beat All the Evil Boss. You are freed and can live your life freely. The End.. You Win

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The Reckon Maze Saga Easy

The Reckon Maze Saga Normal

The Reckon Maze Saga Hard

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