Soul Survival World

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Are you looking for the best survival map with something different ? if that so this is for you. You get a Modern Castle Temple where has lots of caves and farm area, Ghast Café with Creeper Space Café, Chest Room, Among Us statue. You can find near by villages. There are lots of things to explore in the survival world like Modern Gabris Area, Roof tops. Also in nether you have a best home for your safety. Come and explore the wonders of the Soul Survival World.  

Soul Survival World is better than other Survival map. This survival map for Minecraft PE and Bedrock has many new things to explore. You Get a Modern temple Castle to start where has the caves and farm and room area, cobblestone generator. Also there is Ghast café where you can explore roof top know as selfie point and underground Modern Gabris, modern Elevator system. There also have village near and Nether portal from Temple. You can play this map as survival , roleplaying, or creative mode. There are many surprises in this map find them on your own explore this map and create valuable things. This map also support multiplayer so you can invite your friends to play with you. So enjoy!

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Soul Survival world v4 Old Version

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